Mistress spanking chat lines

Do you feel the need to be spanked and forced to bend over? There are mistress spanking chat lines on this site that will blow your mind and give you that reddened ass cheek you want. These are serious and true mistresses that are lifestyle and are looking for willing subs to take into their lives and torment for their own twisted pleasures. They love it when their subs are naughty so that they can punish them in all of the creative and mean ways imaginable. Humiliation is one thing that you can expect for sure as these mistresses love to show you that they are the superior beings and you are just lucky to be in their gorgeous and stunning presence for even a moment. Spankings are a dominatrix specialty and they will surely give you a firm and rough spank if you have earned it. A firm spanking can be very painful and leave you walking funny for days! Mistress spanking chat lines are for slaves and subs that want to be disciplined and treated like the pathetic sluts that they are. An ass cheek thrashing with her most painful weapon will be her sheer delight and your sheer fantasy terror. BDSM delights and frights are right here for you to get into and experience firsthand. There is no room for fear and only room for your anal abuse and whatever other punishments she feels like giving out at her whim. Preparation for total submission should be done as these doms do not take their responsibility to punish and abuse lightly. True and complete domination is their goal and they will do whatever it takes to make you their whining little worm.

Sometimes a spanking is what you get when you have been naughty and not listening to your dom. Maybe you forgot to worship her beauty the way she wanted or you didn’t answer fast enough for her. Those types of slights will not be tolerated with these hardcore mistresses and you will be punished accordingly. You must bend over and take her whippings for as long as she sees fit or things may get even more severe for you. Crying and begging for her to stop her ass thrashings will likely result in more spankings and more pain for your butt. No mercy is given here and you will see just how serious these beautiful and domineering women are on our mistress spanking chat lines.

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